Thursday, July 10, 2008

Family Camping Trip

I love to camp and have a good time. My family went camping in June for 4 days and 3 nights up by Mormon Lake. I went up early to make sure we could get a good spot. I brought my nephew Andrew along to help keep me company while we were waiting for the rest of the family to show up. It was absolutely beautiful. No phone, no tv, no computer. I brought Chester along. Let's just say Chester isn't a camper. Within a few hours his belly was covered with at least 100 bites from the nats. So me being the brilliant mom that I am, I spray him down with bug spray. Well Chester didn't like that so much, so he licked at it. I think that made him sick. He didn't each much the rest of the trip (except pine cones), but hey, no more bug bites! I think he was wishing for his blue chair or the cool tile floor to lay on most of the trip. He did love the walks that the kids like to take him on.

We had fun camping. We ate a lot of good food. The kids all fished and we caught 8 total! The boys cleaned those fish and fried them up. However, no one ate very much of it. Horseshoes was also a popular game. I do remember Lynnette and I kicking some trash against Greg and Dallin. Yeah, that was fun! Campfire songs and smores were also a hit. I can't forget that late night adult only rook game. I do believe Lynnette and I dominated in that as well.

One of the best parts of this campsite were the flushing toilets. That may sound silly, but this is the only campground in the whole Mormon Lake district that had flushing toilets. I definetly found that very nice. Not to mention there were coin-op showers there! We were in luxury even if it did cost $3 for 5 minutes. At least the water was warm!

It was a successful camping trip. Hopefully to be repeated in future years. Aunt Julie was a little overwhelmed with the 10 neices and nephews at times, but still enjoyed watching them have fun. They sure know how to find firewood. Note to self for next trip-don't buy firewood if Nicole's kids are coming! The campfire was always roaring when we would let Josh build one. Oh the fun memories of family camping trips!

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