Thursday, July 10, 2008

Apache Lake

On my birthday (June 27) we had a relief society campout and lake activity. I worked half the day. Work bought a cake and sang. Then I went to the Cheesecake Factory (yes, my favorite restaurant) with Nicole for lunch. After eating some wonderful food, it was off to Apache Lake. I took 3 girls in my car with me. Well, the dirt road was a little windy and narrow. We were on that road for about 20 miles. Needless to say there were two stops for vomiting from one of the passengers.

Once we got to the lake it was worth the drive. It was a beautiful lake. We got our tents set up and relaxed for the evening. It was so hot there. When it came time to sleep, we were all sweating in the tents. So we took ice cold bottles of water and laid them on our bellies and next to our faces to cool us off. How did the pioneers ever do it?! Morning came early with the rising of the sun. We were anxious to get on the boat, kayaks, canoes. Just getting in the water and out of the heat! We went on the intertube first. The driver of the boat kept trying to throw everyone off! It was awesome to watch people flying through the air. Not so fun to be the one flying! I was then informed that the boat didn't have waterski's (even though this was announced as a waterskiing activity-go figure). All he had was a wakeboard. Well I have never been wakeboarding. So I thought why not try today! So I did. I got up my first try! I was a little excited about that fact. Once I got up, I wasn't sure quite what to do, so I didn't stay up too long. It was a good time though. The water was cool and refreshing.

When we were all tired and had enough fun for one day, we drove home a different route that only took 15 more minutes. Why we didn't know this route previously, I'm not sure. I think everyone that went built some good friendships and had a great time. I know I did!

Me intertubing with Kiersten-we stayed on!

Me wakeboarding! Oh yeah, I got up.

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Scott & Betsy said...

That vomiting moment made me laugh so hard. One of the officer's asked why I was laughing and we proceeded to talk about throwing up for like 10 minutes... heehe!!