Thursday, June 5, 2008

Women can do it to!

Well, my sweet little Chester was not so sweet this weekend. While I was at work on Friday, he got bored and decided to chew on the lines to my A/C unit. I came home and the temperature at 9:00 pm was 88 degrees in my house. I was sweating when I went upstairs. I went out to look at the unit in the backyard and sure enough, the wires were frayed. Chester had chewed them up. And being such that it was pet damage, my home warranty does not cover cost of repair.

Saturday I was able to get an A/C company out to assess the damage. If it was just rewiring, then it would be $85. However, apparently the unit was running when Chester had his fun, so he blew the whole fuse. Funny thing is, A/C units are not hooked to a fuse box. Therefore, he blew the entire transformer, which was an additional $425. Total bill came to $571. I was NOT happy.

I knew I needed to build a fence around the unit so this would not happen again. I go to Home Depot to get some fencing supplies. I had a general idea of how to proceed. I needed to get some posts, fence wiring, and some bailing wire. I went up to a worker there and asked for some assistance in getting the supplies. He looked at me like I was crazy. He asked if I was building it by myself. I said yes. He couldn't believe it and asked if there was someone I could call to come help me. I said no, I think I can manage. He eventually pointed me in the right direction and I was able to get my supplies. He asked how I was going to get the posts in the ground. I told him I'd figure something out. As I was leaving he said I really need to get some friends. This was so rude. Being a female does not make me incapable of building a fence. His stereotype was ridiculous.

When I got home, I made the fence. My roommate came out and helped me. I drove the stakes in by pounding them with my pick ax. It is very heavy and did the job just fine. I put the fencing up, then secured it with bailing wire. Chester is never going to be able to get past this wall. Women CAN do it. I want to bring the Home Depot guy over to my house so he can see my handiwork! Oh the joys of dog and home ownership.
The beautiful fence with the master destroyer!
The infamous wires!


Scott & Betsy said...

YOU GO GIRL! Excellent job. And, I agree - some of the men at Home Depot are somewhat stereotypical. Sorry for the major expense, but glad all worked out!!

Rebecca said...

Girl Power! I was laughing so hard when I read this story - you should go invite that home depot guy over - or go in and ask him about something else even bigger and see what he says. You are awesome! I am so proud of you and your self reliance skills. Sorry about the a/c but hey - we just gotta love that cute Chester!!