Saturday, May 17, 2008

Women's Conference 2008

So two weeks ago I went to Women's Conference with my sisters/sister-in-law at BYU. It was a lot of fun. I was very exhausted from lack of sleep, but I was able to enjoy the spirit of the talks and bond with my sisters. We went to a concert one night and saw Eclipse. We were able to sit on the floor. It was great! We laughed and ooed and awed with the other 20,000 women . We even lifted our cell phones to Michael McClean (and Eclipse). The end of the two days was topped off by listening to our Prophet, Pres. Monson speak. What a wonderful experience to listen to a Prophet of God speak in person. Definitely the highlight of the experience for me.

After we went to the two days of enrichment, we went home to spend some time with mom and the men. We went to the Jordan River Temple Saturday morning

and then to the new movie Emma. I believe it made us all feel grateful for the sacrifice of that great woman. Mom took us to Desert Book and bought us an Eclipse CD so we can remember the great concert! It was a great afternoon. That evening we played the infamous game of pictionary and let's just say Camie, Jeff, and I were unstoppable! Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day ( a week early) with enchiladas and gifts for mom. It was a great weekend for sure. Before I flew back Monday I was able to catch up with a high school friend Lisa. It is great to stay in contact with friends through the years. It's amazing how our lives are change and are different than what we plan when we are in high school.


Nicole said...

Love it! What a wonderful weekend of memories we made! So glad you live here close to us!

Scott & Betsy said...

So- I was TOTALLY in provo that same weekend! ANyway- can't wait to see you soon and SO glad you blog. I hung out with Travis Kozlowski the other night, so I have lots of Mission gossip to pass on!! heehe. see you soon!!