Saturday, May 17, 2008


As many of you know, I got a puppy in November and his name is Chester. He is a cocker spaniel and the main man in my life. We definitely had some great times together and some not so great times. Let's just say he likes to chew my things. He's so cute though. It is hard to stay mad at him for very long. He's now 7 months old. Here's some pictures after his first haircut.
He's now ready for another haircut. I can't believe how fast his hair grows. He did have his little neuter surgery and didn't like wearing the cone very long. He was very embarrassed to have to wear it to training class with all the other dogs. But no worries. He graduated from training and we had a little ceremony with him. Oh how fun it is to have a dog.

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ukyankoz said...

Welcome back to blogging! And what an adorable dog - I love it! How fun!!