Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mr. Berry Love

Chester loves to get groomed. Unfortunately, it is very expensive so it only happens about every 8-10 weeks or so (depends on how long I can put up with his long hair). 2 weeks ago it was time for his spa treatment. I call it a spa treatment because I drop him off and he is there for 5-6 hours. What are they doing to a dog for 5-6 hours? I have no idea. The service includes shampoo, cut, teeth brush, nails clipped, ears cleaned, and who knows what else. Well they let me pick the fragrence of the shampoo, so I decided on Berry Love.

When I went to pick up Chester, the groomer came over to talk to me about him. I was a little worried because I never know how he reacts. I just drop him off and pick him up 5 hours later. She said he was the BEST dog she had ever groomed. He sat there and loved to be shampooed and sat very nice while his nails were being clipped. He enjoyed his teeth brushing (probably because she had peanut butter flavored toothpaste). She also said he was one of the cutest dogs she has seen. Anyway, she told me she would be transferring stores but wants to continue to groom Chester. She offered me a 10% discount if I was willing to drive to the other location. As tempting as that was, it is too far away when this location is around the corner from my house.

All in all, Chester is a pri-madonna. This whole experience just proves that. What's not to love about such a well-behaved-for-the-groomer dog? Now only if he would learn to stop chewing on my furniture!


age_shepp said...

That is so cute! Now Chester has a fan club! Are you sure it isn't worth the 10% discount to take him across town? Maybe you should give yourself a spa treatment when he is getting his. Love the updates and pics. Ah the 4th of July memories.

Nicole said...

We love Chester! I think we should get a massage while he is in his spa treatment!

Neil S Grossman, RPA-C said...

Good evening!
My name is Neil, a fellow PA from New York. Just letting you know I have aq blog on here as well, lots of PA info.
Check it out when you have time.